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“Before we talk about raising the minimum wage, taxes for the job providers must be lowered significantly (both on the state and federal levels)and all unnecessary regulations should be eliminated. If that is done, more jobs will be created because the more money the job providers have, the more jobs they can create, the better able existing businesses will be to expand, more businesses can be more easily established thus bringing in more jobs and opportunities; producing a more competitive environment which would provided businesses and corporations to offer better services, and a greater variety of products at a competitive pricing level; all of which will help to lower the cost of living; the potential for such, which I have witnessed first hand, not to mention employers will have an incentive to pay higher wages and provide decent benefits to their employees. When all that which is required is done to create better job prospects and a much more competitive market place, then we can discuss whether or not a raise in the minimum wage is needed.”

From a Republican in Cutten, CA
In reponse to: Should the government raise the federal minimum wage?

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